Return to Innocence


Size: 60cm x 45cm
Medium: Oil on Canvas



I encountered several portals or gateways on my spiritual journey which shifted me into new levels of consciousness, revealed themselves in my mind’s eye, over time. Capturing them on canvas brought feelings of deep connection, and a consequent shift into not only a new way of being for me, but also some sort of shift in my external reality.

Every portal reveals different shapes, forms and colours, reminding me of life’s incredible mystery and showing me worlds beyond what the eye can see or the rational mind can fathom. The colours represent specific qualities being activated or awakened at that entry point.

This specific portal invites qualities of love, calm, tenderness and nurturing (pink). It encourages stepping out of comfort zones, expanding beyond self-imposed limitations, seeing opportunities in our toughest problems and cultivating optimism and high energy to get through hard times and deal with life’s setbacks (orange).It invites reclaiming our power, being more confident and taking bold actions that lead to our desired outcomes. Touches of green associated with nature, health suggest a return to nature to refresh, renew or heal.