Size: 75cm x 60cm
Medium: Oil on Canvas



This piece bursts with a diversity of colours and tones, opening and expanding into new possibilities.Each flower represents an individual with special gifts, unique talents, skills and capabilities as well as fears, hopes, aspirations and impossible dreams.In the collective, each one blossoms in its time, opening up and contributing its essence to the larger bouquet or community.

This piece symbolises the whole being greater than the sum of its individual parts. While each flower may face in a slightly different direction and have a different shape and composition, they are held together by a shared container, bonding them together and holding them in place.

When a group of committed individuals come together for a common purpose and are allowed to express their authentic selves and their unique essence and they help one another to achieve their impossible dreams, the nurturing and supportive energy of this collaborative collective can radiate huge packets of light outwards into the world, to ultimately create massive and significant impact and social change.