Size: 100cm x 75cm
Medium: Oil on Canvas



I was in a relationship with a photographer when I painted this painting.It is replica of a photograph that he took in a small village in Italy. He inspired me to bring the photograph to life in the form of a painting.And so never being one to back away from an opportunity to stretch myself, I rose to the challenge.

Never before had I painted a replica of a photograph or image and so this new experience, was a step outside of my comfort zone.Until that point my work had been confined to abstract paintings, which had no rules or did not really require any technical mastery.

So, this piece really did challenge and stretch me technically, and in doing so it helped hone my focus on minute details that gives the painting a life-like depth, draws the eye in and creates a feeling of actually being there.In this artwork I also worked on blending colours and mastering the balance between structure and flow.Visiting this beautiful place is now one of my impossible dreams!