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Embarking on a journey with Jaxtheartist refreshes minds, re-energizes bodies, revitalizes weary souls, restores hope, reconnects individuals and systems with new possibilities, re-ignites a sense of purpose and passion for life and makes impossible dreams possible.

The presence, compassion, deep love and care of Jaxtheartist’s open heart ignites energy, enthusiasm, inspiration and passion in people and environments where she is called to serve and bring profound mind-body-heart and spiritual healing for people that are ready and open to it.


Impossible Dreams Events

Impossible Dreams Parties – these fun and inspiring mini – group events are designed to jumpstart, breakthrough, resource or expand on your impossible dream. Combining a unique blend of creativity, insight, resonance and alchemical magic makes the impossible possible. If you would love to host an Impossible Dreams party for your friends, family, associates, colleagues or teams, chat with Jax now

Impossible Dreams Retreats – this series of retreats and workshops are designed to support, empower, enable and transform Impossible Dreamers as they journey.  Vision brings clarity, direction and purpose. Flow will help you access your true value, and connect you to the source of your power, resources and energy. Nourish will fill you up, bringing a sense of security and safety, inner peace and fulfilment, and Xpress will help you find your authentic voice and express your highest potential.

To find out more details about Nourish, the next retreat taking place 22nd – 24th March 2024, chat with Jax now

Impossible Dreams Journeys

Impossible Dreams Journeys – on-line custom journeys, lovingly designed to take a global group of seekers of inspiration, love, expansion, purpose, joy and freedom, on an exciting and grand adventure. On the journey you will discover more of your potential and reveal deeper layers of your personal capability and brilliance, as you work towards aligning with your spiritual purpose and manifesting your impossible dream.

The journey offers a process, a system and a valuable toolbox that you can apply practically, over and over again, no matter where you are in your life. Programme design is based on research about how adult learners, learn best. A variety of modalities, techniques and creative processes will keep you engaged, excited, motivated and inspired, as you learn, grow and transform – from the inside out. You are guaranteed to experience incredible shifts and exponential positive forward movement in your life and towards your impossible dreams.


Impossible Dreams Oracle Deck

The Impossible Dreams Oracle Deck will enable you to guide yourself to your impossible dream.  This 70-card digital on-line deck is designed to support you on your Impossible Dream journey to achieve authenticity, vitality, love, growth, power, purpose and impact.

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