Are you a heart-centred dreamer ready to realise an impossible dream?

Did you ever have an impossible dream that you thought was beyond your reach? Alternatively, no-one ever shared with you why having a dream is important, how to dream and all of the secrets that will enable you to breathe life into your dreams.  

Or perhaps you started working towards making your dream a reality, but along the way you encountered obstacles or challenges and got stuck and didn’t know how to move forward? So, you put your dream away in a drawer at the back of your mind and moved on to more practical and realistic pursuits and eventually you forgot about your dream.  

Having a dream and working towards making it come true, can be truly life-changing and so it’s time to open up that drawer and pull out that dream and dust it off and get ready to make your impossible dream happen. 


Playing with this deck is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a process of awakening, exploration, discovery and expansion. It is an invitation to step away from what’s comfortable and familiar, break out of the ropes that bind you to your old habits and patterns, and open yourself up to new ways of seeing, perceiving, believing and being.  

You will engage in an inside-out process designed for heart-centred humans who want to make all their impossible dreams possible, beginning with the self as your point of origin and ending with the self as your destiny.

The beauty of these cards is that they will empower and gently support you to continue working on your dream consistently and creatively, over time. They will bring hope, help and healing.  This deck is an absolute gift that will keep on giving.

This is for you if you are:

  • A professional business women wanting to change direction or take your life and career to the next level.
  • An entrepreneur or business owner wanting to grow and expand your business reach and impact.
  • Going through a life transition, seeking support and guidance and are ready to commit to dreaming an impossible dream and taking action to make it come true.

What will the Impossible Dreams Oracle Deck do for you?

The Impossible Dreams Oracle Deck is a product of over 20 years of Jaxtheartist’s life experiences and she has poured her energy and life force into creating it, especially for you. 

It works on principles of energy, quantum physics, vibration, frequency and resonance, so if you are drawn to a specific card in the deck, it is because you will be resonating with that card energetically, and the message will be uniquely relevant to you and the life circumstance or situation you are going through at that moment in time. 

No matter where you are on your journey, you will feel completely guided by this unique 70-card Impossible Dream Oracle Deck, filled with universal wisdom and insight that will support you to lead yourself towards the results you desire and the fulfilment of your impossible dreams.  

The journey may seem simple, but not always easy, although it can be. It probably won’t happen overnight, but in some cases the results are immediate and the effects are far reaching.

Stay with the process, even if and when it is uncomfortable or challenging. It may evoke an unfamiliar level of vulnerability.  But there is great power to be found in that, if you allow the process to work in you and for you. Positive change and breakthrough are on the other side of disruption. 

The Impossible Dreams Journey will transform you in ways beyond what you can imagine.  The invitation is to stay open and to trust the process.  

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