Sometimes you have to let go, if you want to let grow.


Jacqueline, Jax, Jaxtheartist… it’s almost as though the names I am known by are a reflection of the various stages of my own journey.

I’ve been blessed with a career that spans over 20 years, across a variety of industries, job roles, skillsets and specialisations, and find myself now even more blessed to have found my true calling as a Heartist. 

A Heartist? “What is that?”, you may be wondering. A Heartist is someone who does everything from the heart and for the heart. They live, create and lead from the heart, using love as their muse, guiding others to open, heal, listen to and follow your heart.

This not only helps create a more heart centred, compassionate and loving world, it helps seekers of inspiration, adventure, love, joy and freedom, who want to feel alive rather than just exist, create an inspired life that they love, and make impossible dreams possible.  

That might sound a little “up in the air”, so, let me elaborate a little on the amazing toolkit I have at my disposal: 

That might sound a little “up in the air”, so, let me elaborate a little on the amazing toolkit I have at my disposal: 

  • over 20 years of NLP practice and coaching experience
  • a tried and tested self-leadership model
  • access to a powerful Resonance Repatterning healing system
  • a comprehensive set of personal mastery and healing skills

To add to this is the compassion, empathy and insight born from navigating several personal challenging life transitions.

My toolkit, coupled with a pair of very well attuned ears, powerful questions, sharp intuitive skills and natural healing gifts, ensures that I have the ability to facilitate heart healing journeys that spark positive, powerful and lasting change. I create safe and supportive spaces where truths are revealed, self-awareness is fostered, hidden resources discovered and strength cultivated. I have a gift for quickly and incisively pin-pointing the heart of a matter, dissolving limiting beliefs and clarifying core personal values, which leads to magical transformations, empowerment and authentic expression. 

From individuals to groups, from corporate to entrepreneur to employee or student, with Jaxtheartist, with our various programmes and products, we will take you from “stuck” and guide you towards living the life you want, your best life, a life where you can make your impossible dreams possible.