Powerful nuggets of insight into challenges you may be facing, as well as practical information guiding you towards new ways of seeing, believing, feeling, behaving or being.

Latest Heartickles


A Heartstart is a practical, easy tool to soothe, encourage and empower your heart every day or in a moment when you need it most. 

Latest Heartstarts


A vibrant journey of creativity, self–discovery and heart healing. An evocative, engaging and inspiring collection of Jaxtheartist’s original soul expressions in various mediums: from oil to charcoal to acrylic.

Latest Heartworx

Impossible Dreams Journey Deck

This 70-card digital on-line deck is designed to support you on your Impossible Dream journey to achieve authenticity, vitality, love, growth, power, purpose and impact.

Move For Life Challenge

The Move for Life challenge is a fun and engaging way to start doing some positive and life affirming activities, consistently, motivated and engaged with a supportive community.

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