Neural Dance


Size: 100cm x 75cm
Medium: Oil on Canvas



This artwork expresses a broad range of emotions I experienced in my body over a period of time.At times the energy was still, smooth and flowing, other times agitated and spiky.I often process emotion by pouring out my feelings in colour and form onto canvas, so that I can move them through and out of my body.

This artwork shows the connection between mind, body and spirit.It conveys a feeling of movement and vibration that happens when given permission to feel our feelings, make sense of them and then express them easily and confidently.

When people look at this inspiring and uplifting artwork, they use words like happy, fun, care-free vibes, play, imagination, poignance, love and life to describe it. It brings to minds colourful flowers dancing in the breeze, deep connection and collaboration and spiritual portals that transport the viewer into other realms.This artwork translates into feelings of joy, hope and optimism lightness.