Size: 100cm x 75cm
Medium: Oil on Canvas



At first glance this artwork might seem to depict a beautiful, bright and colourful bunch of flowers in a glass vase, which is the container holding the arrangement of these beautiful blossoms in place.

At a deeper level this piece introduces the concept of containment. Its message is about the importance of having a solid and durable container in place, with a firm base, that is big and strong enough to hold both flowers and water.The container not only holds the content but also the source of nourishment that keeps the flowers fresh, vital and alive for as long as possible.

Containers bring shape and form, definition, boundaries and edges to a new possibility, idea or dreams. You are the container of your dreams and any creation will be more likely to succeed when your container (sense of self) is clear, strong, solid and well defined. Containers are fundamental to enabling impossible dreams to bloom in full colour.