Fantasy Forest


Size: 75cm x 75cm
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas



One of my favourite images to paint is flowers. Flowers of imagination, colour and life. Flowers have a healing vibrational energy. People have been energized by plant life since time began and certain types of flowers and their colours can enhance your energy levels and uplift your spirit. Plants and flowers are symbolic of the earth’s power and flower energy supports emotional wellness, positive change and personal growth.

This artwork depicts a rainbow forest of bright, vibrant and fantastical flowers among various other life forms such as butterflies, dragonflies and other magical creatures. The flowers dance and interplay with mystical beings such as fairies, goblins and mischievous sprites.

The bright, rich and vibrant colours in this piece represent joyful innocence, a lightness of being and evoke a sense of fun, happiness and playfulness.Everything in this painting floats freely with no attachment and there is a feeling of movement, free flight and the essence of life.