The Space In Between

Between heaven and earth there is a space, where all of life happens. A space where homes are built, work is done, goals are attained, families are raised, love is made, lessons are learnt, hearts are broken and healed, feelings are felt and lives are lived. 

Between each tick and the next tock on the grandfather clock, there is a space between before the second hand reaches its next destination. This is the space in between, when time slows down, for less than a second, where nothing is happening, but where absolutely anything can happen. 

Between December and January there is a space in between, when the year that has been slows down and gently comes to a grinding halt. A space between celebration of what has been, where we have been and who we have been and contemplation of what will be, where we will go and what will become in the year ahead.

Between Summer and Autumn there is a space in-between. In this space, the hot sticky, rainy days almost imperceptibly morph into cooler morning breezes and crisper evening temperatures and the leaves start changing shade from rich, lush emerald and jade greens, to yellow, plum and auburn tones, surrendering into a final release and letting go, before falling to the ground with a gentle sigh. 

Between life and death there is a space in between when the soul leaves a living body and passes on to another realm or dimension that’s invisible to the naked eye. This is a sacred space, a space of reverence and honour. A space for honouring a life well lived, roads travelled, mountains climbed and ships sailed, honouring of memories made, hugs and handshakes, good and bad mistakes and heart-breaks.  

Between every ending and a new beginning there is a space in between. A space for pause, for deep breathing, for reflection and for integration of all that has been before. A space of stillness, healing, realisation and resurrection.  

Between every heartbeat there is a space, a silent anticipation, an inner knowing of what comes next. This is the birthplace of a pulse, a rhythm, a sound to be relied on – a consistent, every present thumping of a living, beating heart. This is the space in between, where if you close your eyes and quieten your mind and deepen into your breath for just a moment, you will be able to feel it, sense it, know it and relax deeply into it.

Between every in-breath and just before the out-breath, there is a space in between that is neither the in nor the out breath, but rather the space in between both of these, a resting space, a space of not knowing, uncertainty, a space of nothingness. This space in between is a void, a transitional territory, a pregnant pause, a space of uncertainty, a space of limitless possibility. It is the space from which all new creations are born. 

The space in-between is eternal, richly imbued with both emptiness and everything. When you surrender the last remnants of everything you’ve held onto for so long, you release what no longer aligns with the new you. All the constructs you’ve created to keep yourself safe will fall away and you now have to navigate ‘the space in between.’ It feels strange, like wearing a new skin, one that doesn’t quite fit and feels like it doesn’t really belong to you. You don’t belong to it either. You might squirm and thrash around a bit trying to get comfortable in it, but you are not the same anymore and you will never be again. You cannot.

Everything is new, your body is new, your face is new, your bone structure is new, and the energy that permeates your body, circling and vibrating is fresh and invigorating, vital and alive. It is moving and flowing, oxygenated with the life-blood of all that is new. 

And even though it might feel strange and daunting, you will experience a deep sense of anticipation and excitement, because you are now new. It is a place where anything can happen, options are endless, nothing is certain, nothing is set, nothing is cast in stone. In the space in-between anything is possible.

What do you need to surrender, so that you can be born anew? 
How can you best support yourself as you surrender and let go?
How do you nourish yourself during times of transition?

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