The Power to Dream

You are creative. Whether you know it or not. The real questions are: Do you recognise yourself as a creator? Do you know how you create?  Are you creating consciously or not? What exactly are you creating?

Are you creating love, peace, harmony and freedom or are you creating chaos, drama, frustration and disappointment? There is a world beyond this tangible, material world that our physical eyes can see. It is a hidden universe that lives just beneath the surface of our ordinary everyday experience.  It is a non-visible, intangible, non-concrete reality.

If you don’t believe and are not curious, this world may never reveal itself to you, because it has no need to be discovered, experienced or seen.  But just because you may not believe or see it, that does not mean that it is not there.

And whether you believe it or not there are things happening all the time in that world that are influencing and informing your daily experiences and actions.

It is from that place where you construct your most powerful creations, whether consciously or not, whether in the positive or negative. Because whether you know it or not – you are a powerful creator.

So what does this world look like? you might ask.  I really couldn’t say what it would be for you, because each and every individual’s world is uniquely designed and constructed. The landscape and terrain is specific to you and is informed by who you are and how you make sense and meaning of your world.

But the absolute beauty of your world is that it is not fixed and finite and you the creator have the power  to move the furniture around, to change the  shape of the buildings, the landscape and the environment.  You can alter colours and textures of the images and structures and you can add or remove characters that you would like to invite, include or eliminate from your world.

Yes…you. It is you who has this power. And the more you believe it…the more you will experience that shifting and changing things in this invisible reality is probably the easiest and most impactful way of creating change in your physical external day to day life reality.  

How do you do this?  It starts by entering the dream space…

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