November Group Repatterning

Entrainment Resonance

Our body-mind system is a relationship of parts which, when entrained, pulse together as a coherent whole, creating strength, energy and health. You are either in sync and experiencing more energy and well-being with yourself and others or you are out of sync and experiencing less energy and well-being.  What you resonate with determines your thoughts, attitudes and actions whether energizing or de-energizing for yourself or others. 

The Entrainment Resonance Repatterning takes you into positive entrainment and resonance with the higher qualities in yourself as well as in others, leading to positive and mutually fulfilling relationships.

Tuesday 12 November 2024

19:00 to 20:30

Session Fee: R600

Will take place via Zoom

Please complete the form below. You will be sent the session info and Zoom link via email.