MoneyFlow PlayShop

Take a BIG step towards your financial and emotional freedom and connect into abundance and flow!

Join us for a one-day playshop to create a new relationship with your money. We will share insights, tools and processes that offer a new perspective on money, address financial, mental and emotional constraints spiritually and practically, expand possibilities, stretch boundaries and empower you to work with money consciously and skilfully.

It was an awesome, insightful and powerful workshop. Thank you for allowing us to open up and get in touch with our inner feelings, emotions and thoughts. Few facilitators can accomplish this level of understanding and insight from an individual’s perspective. You just knew certain things without us even having to say anything.

This playshop is for you if you would like to:

  • See money in a new way
  • Discover how you flow and what blocks your flow
  • Come face to face with the money mirror
  • Build or strengthen your relationship with money
  • Receive powerful keys to unlock flow in your life
  • Create a roadmap to reach the next level on your money journey
  • Empower yourself with tools and a decisive plan of action

Thank you for the opportunity to engage with money on a totally different level. You created a safe space in which I could start to examine my beliefs in an honest and open way, without fear of judgement. The workshop helped me to dig deep and the insights gained allowed me to open new doors I thought would be totally impossible.

Your facilitator:

Jaxtheartist employs a pair of very well attuned ears, powerful questions, sharp intuitive skills and natural healing gifts to facilitate healing heart journeys that spark positive, powerful and lasting change, in the lives of individuals, groups, families and teams. She lovingly guides you to open, heal, listen to and follow your heart and change your mind, on journeys that makes impossible dreams possible.

Jax has over 20 years of NLP practice and coaching experience under her belt, a tried and tested home-grown self-leadership model, access to an incredibly powerful Resonance Repatterning healing system and a comprehensive set of personal mastery and healing skills. This is coupled with the compassion, empathy and insight born from navigating and surviving several challenging personal life transitions.

Event Details

Saturday 27 July 2024

09:00 to 17:00

Fee: R888

Location: Pretoria

(details for the venue will be shared on signup)

What do you think might change if you knew exactly what you needed to do to get rid of the very thing that was stopping money from flowing rapidly and easily towards you, with just a few quick steps. If you knew you could take just a few simple actions to turn yourself into a magnet for all of the things you dream of and desire, wouldn’t you want to? In fact is there anything you wouldn’t do to become privy to the secrets that so many of the affluent and wealthy have already mastered?

How would it feel for you to have the clarity, confidence and commitment that would make taking these steps, easy, exciting and effortless. Well, to find out what you can do to get your money flowing all you have to do is just take this first small step…

Are you ready?

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