June Group Repatterning

Five Element Qualities

To show up in a coherently in all of the roles that you play, so that you find them fulfilling and rewarding, you need to resonate with being energized by your positive qualities so you can actively and effectively leverage your strengths to the best of your abilities.

When you are not feeling satisfied and fulfilled in a particular role you play, i.e.,

  • you no longer enjoy what you are doing 
  • you have stopped learning and growing 
  • you have untapped gifts that you would like to express and share
  • you feel unseen and undervalued 
  • you are living out of alignment with yourself or your purpose 

In this month’s repatterning we will:

  • Identify roles in life that do not feel satisfying and fulfilling to you in some way
  • Discover the problem you have concerning this role
  • Get clear about what you want instead
  • See where growth and transformation will increase your capacity to apply your strengths
  • Release energy blocks and restore flow by resolving past incomplete relationships
  • Resonate with the personal coherence needed to apply your strengths to this life role
  • Regulate your life force energy to manifest greater personal coherence  

Tuesday 25 June 2024

19:00 to 20:30

Session Fee: R600

Will take place via Zoom

Please complete the form below. You will be sent the session info and Zoom link via email.