Icky, Sticky, Stuck

Energy flows. Energy flows in systems. Energy flows in relationships. Energy flows in work.  Energy flows in life.  That is until it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t it means that energy is stuck, trapped or blocked by a constriction or constraint somewhere in the system – a bottleneck so to speak.

My clients describe this state as feeling of inertia, as if they are in quicksand or a muddy swamp or wading through treacle.  Everything feels slow, difficult or heavy. They may find themselves getting stuck on the couch engaging in repetitive behaviours like scrolling facebook or youtube for hours, binge watching series, spending money unnecessarily on things they don’t really need and snacking on comfort food that  makes them feel even heavier, slower and even more sluggish.

When they find themselves stuck, or there is a specific pain or problem that just won’t go away, what often happens is at first there may be a denial, avoidance of or resistance to the truth of what is happening, which stops them from seeing and accepting what is and seeking the root cause of the problem that got them stuck in the first place.   There may even be an additional layer of sticky on top of the stuck, when they start judging and berating themselves for not being able to get out of it by themselves.  So, they struggle and suffer in their icky, stickiness for quite some time before realizing that they have to do something to get out of the stuck.

Here are a few valuable insights for you if you find yourself in this stuck state.

Firstly, stop blaming yourself…immediately! it is not your fault. Your body is more than likely in a freeze state and an old trauma, habitual negative thought pattern, energy constriction or unmet need or all of the above have been triggered and are calling for attention and resolution. A blockage in your mind – body – emotion – spirit system needs to be cleared and released or a wound needs to be healed, before you can shift gears, power up and take a step forward.

Secondly, if you find yourself blaming or criticising someone else for abusing, neglecting or maltreating you, you may be in an unresolved or toxic relationship dynamic. And while this very well may be the truth, blame, criticism or finger pointing and unforgiveness, will not serve you in your quest to get unstuck and move forward.  Furthermore, you may think that you have already cleared and completed this relationship, forgiven and moved on, and you may very well have at some level. But at another level your body may still be resonating with some residual element of hurt or pain that has got your nervous system stuck in a fight, flight or freeze pattern, that you are completely unaware of.

So, your icky, sticky, stuck, is in effect a pointer in the direction of something that is calling for your loving attention, healing and nudging you towards taking responsibility to resolve the situation with some practical action that will free you to get moving boldly and confidently towards your impossible dreams.

You may need a helping hand, someone to throw you a rope, pull you out or shake loose the grip of the icky sticky stuckness and guide you towards deeper awareness and personal coherence.  There is no time like the present and there is no shame in asking for help, so that you can step up right now and move forward in your life, easily smoothly, naturally, and with grace. 

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