Departures + Destinations

A journey towards your Impossible Dream entails discovery and manifestation of your full potential and the deeper layers of your personal capacity. If it’s been on your mind and you find yourself dreaming of what could be, but you just aren’t sure if you are quite ready, then this is the perfect Heartstart for you.

Completing this guide form will help you to really start thinking about where you are now, where you want to be and what you need to get there.

Before you start completing the Heartstart, please read the instructions below:

When selecting options for each category, it’s okay to choose more than one if they are applicable and significant to you, but it’s recommended to limit it to no more than three. Use the drop-down and check box menus to indicate which options are most relevant to you. If none of the options resonate with you, you can share your own thoughts in the “other” section. Let’s make sure we get a clear understanding of your preferences!